Hi I’m Ray. I’m British born Chinese based in Yorkshire. With my job, I do lots of travelling, which I love. In my spare time I’m learning Krav Maga to keep active and ferrying the kids to all the activities they participate in to keep them learning. I watch lots of comedy films and read recipes.

My ideal three course meal would be Chocolate fondant followed by Chinese three roast meat with king prawn egg fried rice (I try to get the dessert in first). Finally Deep fried calamari with lemon and garlic mayo….lush.

I come from a family that have always worked in the catering industry and as such, naturally picked up the passion for cooking food. My mother and father are from Hong Kong who emigrated to the UK back in the 70’s and takeaways and restaurants to earn a living.

Growing up, my parents would always cook traditionally cooked Cantonese dishes. Whether it was  before the restaurant opened for business or cooked for the extended family.  They cooked classic dishes like water omelette, stuffed green peppers or tofu, salt baked chicken and steamed fish with ginger and spring onion to name but a few.

Being out of the catering trade since university and to date, I have had to adapt my cooking techniques to the domestic kitchen. Since moving away from my parents, I ate less Chinese food often cooked by my parents and instead turned to mainly British and other European dishes.

As I’ve got older, I realised it was important to learn these traditional dishes that we were brought up to love and pass to the next generation. We are a new generation where traditional foods are now ready made to accommodate our fast paced living. However, nothing can beat putting the passion into making it yourself.

I frequently ask my family and friends how to cook the traditional dishes that I was brought up on as well as their own. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Suppose that’s what experimentations about.

Here on my blog, you will encounter my experiments of making a multitude of delights. The blog is also for you to try out authentic Chinese cooking (and other great recipes, Asian or otherwise).

Whether you’re a student wanting to move away from crumpled takeaway menus, a complete novice that can only make toast and baked beans with a boiled egg on the side, or simply to add some variation to your weeknight dinners, you’ve come to the right place.

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